New Hope For Rwandan Youth – Art Workshops in Musanze

Agasozi Art Center

Agasozi means in Kinyarwanda hill. Rwanda, a land of thousand hills, is densely forested country and ages ago our ancient ancestors used to climb the hills to get orientation along the way when they were moving around this hilly country.

This is how I thought of the name Agasozi, we are surrounded by hills and volcanoes and the aim of Agasozi  art center is to give local children a direction in life, an additional skill they might use when they grow up or just to discover and broaden their creativity.

Agasozi Art Centre Musanze

Agasozi Community Art Project works with several partners in all provinces Rwanda through different activities alongside providing creative environment for the local youth, encouraging the freedom of expression through art Agasozi center has more long term goals like providing health insurance for Agasozi workshop participants, providing them with clothes and hopefully eventually Agasozi grows into a network of artists  and art supporters within East African Region.

Agasozi Workshop Musanze

This is our vision, give back to community, and engage the youth with creativity.

YOU are welcome too! If you are travelling through Rwanda you are more than welcome to join me and kids with our workshops, spend some time with local children, see how we live and perhaps you rediscover the child in you that has long time been forgotten.

Since the foundation of Agasozi Art Center we have held several workshops and I am really proud with kids. Here is creative artwork they accomplished. Many of them have been doing painting for the very first time in their lives. Click on the photos for larger view.

Workshop activity is regular updated also on Flickr  – welcome to check out more photos on Agasozi Art Center photo set.



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