Augustin Hakizimana

After spending a few minutes with Augustin, you will feel calmer and more relaxed as his easy-going way is so contagious. However, his calmness belies an active, creative mind and paint brush. When one walks into the gallery that he helps to run, filled with paintings by many different Rwandans, one is hard pressed to quickly identify all of Augustin’s work because they are so diverse.

This Kigali native attended both primary and secondary school in the capital city. Although he has never had official art classes, even at a young age his drawing demonstrated his artistic talent. He studied French in school and also speaks English, though he is very humble about his ability in both. He also speaks some Kirundi, the native language of Burundi, which is very similar to Kinyarwanda.

Augustin was working at a bar when an established Rwandan artist saw some of the sketches he was doing. This artist put the sketch on a canvas and showed it to Augustin and encouraged him to make more. The first time Augustin painted a work, he saw that he could make art and that it was something he wanted to keep doing. Augustin has a unique, modern but thoroughly Rwandan style.

rwandan artist from kigali

His style seems less influenced by European art and more by fellow Rwandan artists, such as those at the Ivuka Arts Center and Uburanga Arts Studio. Today, you will often find Augustin at Uburanga Arts Studio creating a painting, painting a mural, or working on an art installation in the garden. He also continues to develop his talents with his membership in Isoko Arts Rwanda, an association of Rwandan fine artists.

 A work by Augustin speaks of the creativity and vision of one of the youngest Rwandan artists active today. The combination of his unique vision and traditional Rwandan images and subject matter make for a truly worthwhile artistic endeavor.

In 2013 Augustin co founded Agasozi  Art Center as a community development program initially operating in the northern province around the areas of the Virunga Mountains e in the beginning but now the project works with different community organizations spread all over Rwanda where Agasozi Community Art Project connects with local youth by organizing workshops for kids in order to help them find freedom of expression, creativity and possibly discover some new young talents.

Agasozi Art Centre Musanze

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Augustin,
    We have never met but I am very impressed with your art. I have been in your country four times leading teams of young people from Scotland (my country) and America and we are now working on a book about our experiences in Rwanda. The young people who were on the teams are writing pieces for me and I hope that the book will be of interest to many young people here in Scotland and elsewhere.
    I am involved with the Rwanda Scotland Alliance and the Honorary Consul for Rwanda in Scotland is a personal friend of mine. His name is Dr Callum Henderson. We have both set up Scottish based charities to raise money to develop projects in Rwanda.
    My charity is Level8Projects at http://www.level8projects.com and Callum’s is Comfort Rwanda at http://www.comfortrwanda.org.uk
    I am wrting to ask if you would consider allowing me to use one of your paintings – Coming Home – as the front cover for the book I am writing with the young people. Or would you be willing to allow us to use a photograph? We would acknowledge you as the artist and put your web site in the book.
    I know this may not be possible but please let me know what you think.
    Next time I am in Kigali I would very much like to meet you.

    • Dear Jim,
      thank you for your proposal and i am honoured:) Please feel free to use photo of my painting. What i would reallz appreciate, if you choose my photo for book cover, is to save one copy for me? Let me know if online photo is ok, or you need better resolution….You are more than welcome in Agasozi Center any time.


  2. Hi Augustin,

    I am a graduate student at New York University studying international development. I have created a Kickstarter project to raise funds so I can conduct field research in Kigali this winter. The Kickstarter project requires a gripping image so people will want to donate. Your paintings are so beautiful! Would it be okay if I used one of your images as the thumbnail on my project? I would give you full credit of course. Best of luck!

    Thank you,

  3.  Dear Augustin Hakizimana

    My name is Irene Leereveld and from the Netherlands. I just visited your website and I’m really liking you’r project that you are doing and the art you are making with the children . My parents are also living  in Musanze and I am going to visit them from the 4th of January till the 28th. I would love to see the work you are doing and maybe volunteer for a few days. If you can use my help of course.
    I am 24 and I’m studying for social worker at the moment.

    So if you can use some help let me know. I also have enough space in my suitcase. So If you need any materials that are hard to get in Rwanda, I would love to bring them with me.

    Hope to hear from you soon


    Irene Leereveld

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